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You really think racism no longer exists??

As I make my way through my feminist journey, I have come to notice that many people believe that gender issues and race issues have almost completely vanished. I have to say I felt like this before I read article after article about inequality seen today. It is interesting to me that many people choose to ignore the little things that occur which shows that racism and sexism still exist in a fairly big way. Sure we have made significant improvements, we do have an African American president, but what does that really mean? There are still so many hidden occurrences of discrimination out there that it is important we realize our work is never done. We have to keep fighting for equality and this small incident that I found on Jezebel’s blog site proves that many people still hold racist thoughts and base their actions off of them…


A recent research study conducted by Nextions asked a group of lawyers to evaluate a memo written by either a white or African-American author.  There were 22 errors in the memo no matter who the author was and each contained 7 spelling/grammar issues, 6 writing errors, and 4 analytic errors. Half of the partners at the law firm were told the author was African American while the other half were told the author was Caucasian. The results were shocking. Overall the memo “written” by the Caucasians were said to be better than the memos “written” by the African Americans. In fact, the evaluators said they found an average of 5.8 spelling and grammar errors for the “African American” authors while only finding an average of 2.9 of the same errors for the Caucasians.



Here is what I find interesting. I can almost guarantee (although not proven) that if you asked these lawyers whether or not they had racial prejudices they would quickly say no and deny having any racist thoughts. However, this study proves that it still seems to be a subconscious (or even conscious) feeling/thought. The African American who makes mistakes is looked at as stupid and lazy while the white person who makes mistakes was probably just in a rush or did not notice the error. While we may not realize it, the color of your skin still has an effect on how people treat and perceive you. As a woman, I know that if I were to make a mistake it would probably be perceived as “ditzy” or as if I was not competent. A man would probably get away with a lot more.

For those of us who say racism does not exist or it is no longer a problem. Please think again. The fact that unconsciously these evaluators found more errors for African Americans means the idea of inequality based on skin color still exists. From a psychological point of view, I almost feel like this article works well with the idea of “Confirmation Bias.” This is where one has a thought and whether you realize it or not, you look for things that confirm that thought. For example, if you think African Americans are “more stupid” than whites, you may notice more errors about them in order to confirm your beliefs that they are in fact “more stupid.” I am not sure this is exactly what is happening here, but if it is, we have to look at the big issue of people initially thinking someone is more stupid than another just because they have darker skin. That my friends, is a problem.

What do you think of this experiment? Does is show racism still exists?

7 Responses to “You really think racism no longer exists??”

  1. steeleba

    I completely agree! And you would think (hope) that gender nor race inequality would even be an issue. I actually just did a post on how the first dark-skinned black women was on People magazine’s “Most Beautiful” cover. I was so surprised that it’s 2014 and this is just now happening??


    • cpowell92

      Thank you for your comment steeleba! It is sad that inequality is still such an issue. I can’t believe it has taken this long for a dark-skinned black woman to be on the cover of People!!! That is so crazy! I will have to read your post on that!


  2. Nat Turner

    It exists and I’m sorry to say it’s not going away,
    unfortunately what your test proves is that anywhere you look for racism you will find it,
    it is endemic anywhere in the world Caucasian and African meet,
    on all interfaces because the science and the culture have enmeshed it.
    It was not always so, but since the advent of slavery it became necessary not only as a justification for the trade,but
    also as a way to hide and disfigure our history as a way of denying that Africans were once looked upon as Gods,
    well at least if you follow the words of the ancient Greeks whose primary Gods were all Africans.
    My present gripe concerns Facebook that nice hip social network site and their support of the Boeremag terrorists who tried to bomb Nelson Mandela run all “non Whites” out of the country and set up an all White state.
    Not surprisingly I was banned from their website so I continued working from another hip website this time Twitter,
    not only have they put me on a super long “suspension” which may well be permanent,
    they are also sending me to “follow” some of the most vociferous racists you can find,
    including a Twitter account set up in support of the Boeremag race terrorists.
    South Africa has many problems, most of the White folk are ok, but
    there is a recalcitrant minority who believe they should have an all Whites state and are extremely racist so Facebook and Twitter have no business supporting such elements,
    especially as it could cause severe social upheaval in the country.
    Keep up your good work,
    we must fight from every front.
    I got your article via Anti-Racism Media ‏@AntiRacismTv


    • cpowell92

      Thank you so much for your comment Nat! I am so happy to hear that my article has spread to other twitter accounts like @AntiRacismTv. That is so awesome! You are correct when you say that if you look for racism you will probably find it because it is, unfortunately, still everywhere. That is the sad part. In addition, it is sad when people believe racism does not exist anymore. Your story about being blocked from various sites proves that it is still here, in a big way. I can’t believe they banned you and suspended you for sticking up for the rights of other people! I also can’t believe Facebook is supporting that kind of racism! I will definitely have to look more into that because I had no idea that was happening. That is why spreading the word and creating awareness is so important. It is one of the reasons I chose to write for this blog. I wanted to help make others aware of inequality so they are not walking around blindly to it just because it is not affecting them directly. I will continue to try and spread awareness about inequality and hope that other people will join in as well. You already seem to be doing great things in the fight against racism and I will try and help you by signing your petition! Thanks again so much for your comment and kind words! 🙂


      • Nat Turner

        Thank you for taking my comment,
        such is the might of Twitter & Facebook, I have found that,
        some are cowed into not entertaining any comment
        that is too critical of them.
        Some are deluded into thinking that they are not part of the establishment because they do carry anti establishment material,but
        they very much are now part of the big guys upstairs.
        As for @AntiRacismTv they really are a beacon who should be supported as they give support for all worthy causes,
        maybe you should put them on your blog mailing list,
        just in case it was pure chance they got this issue.
        It’s hard to tell without feedback so keep up the good work,
        We may not always see when the seed fell, but
        we see the plant when it grows.



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