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“First Kiss” and “First Gay Hug” Videos Reiterate the Beauty of Human Interaction

I’m sure most of us have seen the viral video, “First Kiss” where apparent strangers meet for the first time and ultimately kiss for the first time.

Well after the 65 million views and counting, it was publically stated that some of the people were not actually strangers and the video was a collaboration between a filmmaker and a clothing brand called, Wren; clearly disappointing a lot of people.

Though the filmmaker, Tatia Pilieva, stated that there came a “real sweetness” out of it and the point of the video was that “human connection is special.”



That idea is evident throughout the video, which is why I personally enjoyed it and believe so many others did as well; simply because human connection IS special and is most of the time forgotten of its beauty.

A spin-off of that, came the also viral video, “First Gay Hug,” created by The Gay Women Channel.

When I watched it, I saw again the unique connection between human beings, but from an entirely different perspective; homophobics hugging homosexuals for the first time.

Grant it, just as the other video had some staged scenes, so did this video, having a few actors and some actual strangers. Nevertheless, watching those intimate interactions between people, hugging out their differences, shows the incredible thing that happens when human beings come together, something many of us take for granted: Humility.



Both of these videos bring something to our attention. Whether they were totally fake or totally legitimate, they try and send the message that we are all human.

It doesn’t matter if we’re male, female, black, white, heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, we are all made of the same thing; flesh and blood. We all have dreams, pursue happiness, get upset, have emotions, feel pain , and feel love. But it’s so hard to see sometimes.

What the “First Kiss” and “First Gay Hug” video are portraying is human beings overcoming the obvious; complete strangers kissing; homophobics and homosexuals hugging. They get past that and see genuine, positive human interaction is a beautiful thing. They kiss, they hug and realize life is so much easier, happier and fulfilling if we are humble to each other, because you never know what someone else is going through, has went through, or may potentially go through in life.

Lately I’ve been reflecting on human interactions and the purpose of every single one, and these two videos put it into perspective. Think about that for a second; how many people you encounter and how many people you could impact just with humility, positivity, or generosity.

This world is undeniably a nasty one—with varying issues such as gay rights, women’s rights, minority rights, etc.—which can very easily bring us down and allow our faith to be lost in humanity. But don’t let it. Don’t think that you can’t bring change, because you can. If it’s as simple as hugging, kissing, thanking, helping, giving, or listening to someone, you can make a change that may impact a live; which is undeniably significant.

So that is my reflection and challenge to myself and hopefully to anyone who reads this; to be willing to make an impact. We are programmed for interaction and fulfillment, so why not acknowledge that and let our negativity towards one another be replaced with recognition of our inner beauty and beauty of our interactions.

Feel free to watch the videos and comment:

And thank you for reading.




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