Grammy Performance Makes History

Hello Everyone! Bestlittlelion92 is back in action and I knew that my first post would have to be about my opinion of the Same Love performance at the Grammy’s. When my friend first showed me this song and the video, I was impressed that a rapper was willing to talk about marriage equality, but I […]

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Business Or Pleasure?

Hello world! Cheers to you and cheers to my first blog post on JMU Shout Out! I have been brainstorming what I should post for my first post for a while until this happened and I knew I had to write about it. It was something I had never encountered before and it left me […]

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Why Should Food Define The Sexes?

Why do so many people feel that food is representative of gender? I am sure you are familiar with the symbolic notion of how steak and potatoes are manly foods, where as salad and vegetables are womanly foods. This stereotype deeply upsets me for many reasons. One steak and potatoes are my most favorite foods […]

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Guess Who’s Back?!

Hello loyal readers! WE’RE BACK! And better than ever!  We are bigger than we’ve ever been,and we’re all ready to dive back into this thing we call feminism.   We have some veterans to feminism, some new faces, some feMENists…each with their own take on what it means to be socially conscious in our world.  We’re […]

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