Quick Hit: Let’s talk about sexist objects!!

A remote that was sent to me in a text!!
A remote that was sent to me in a text!

As I notice sexist language and jokes throughout the day, I never thought I would see something like this! My friend recently sent this remote to me after a discussion we had in one of my classes about sexist jokes. He said that he never really thought about sexist jokes and the negative impact they could have on gender inequality.

Unfortunately, most people do not think twice about sexist jokes and the reinforcing ideas it has on men’s power over women. This remote is being passed around through various male groups of friends and getting all sorts of laughs. Fortunately, since my friend had been in my class where we discussed these negative impacts of these jokes, he was able to tell his friends how he did not think it was a funny joke. That is all it takes!!! A discussion!! It takes one of the guys to say “that joke isn’t funny” or “hey, let’s not talk like that.” Imagine, if all guys could do this! Language and sexist jokes have such an impact on how men treat women and most people do not realize this. What do you think of this remote? Would it even make life more enjoyable for men? Does telling sexist jokes really matter?

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