Cunt: It’s Not the Word You’re Upset With, It’s that You Don’t Know Why You’re Upset About the Word

It’s not being a woman; it’s being your own women.  It’s not the word; it’s the sentiment behind the word which affects an individual negatively.  Cunt.  Own it, why not? Female readers, you have one.

Cunt: a woman’s vagina.

I must ask why ‘cunt’ is the worst vocabulary expression used against women?  Most women don’t know.  When one listens to rap/hip-hop and hears the “N” word every other lyric, no one flinches.  But when ‘cunt’ is spoken, heads turn.  For one, it’s not the actual word, which makes heads turn.  It is because a woman is saying it.  And, it’s not even that a woman is saying the word ‘cunt’ which causes tension, it is because a woman is cursing.

I used this word the other night in describing another female individual.  What blasphemy I spoke.  Was it wrong that I called another female a ‘cunt,’ particularly if it was true?  For me, ‘cunt’ is a synonym to ‘bitch.’  If you take cunt away, take bitch away too.  Some may suggest we should not use these words all together.

Maybe I am asking society to become desensitized when it hears ‘cunt.’  Or, maybe what I am truly asking of society is to understand the origins of cunt.  It is not a word to become offended by.  In fact, in early matriarchal civilizations worshiped a goddess they called, Kundi.  Kundi connected individuals to the earth and to life through childbirth.  The woman was powerful because she created new life.  It was not until man understood the imbalanced power between its female-counterpart that man found he had power to create.  Woman did not create life, man did.  Woman only carried life.  This began the fade of female goddesses and matriarchal societies, and the rise of patriarchal societies which worshiped male figures, specifically directing their attention to the male penis.  The penis being the symbol of power and might, while the ‘cunt’ being of disgrace and slander.

To revisit my question of if I should have called another female a ‘cunt’ knowing the history following the vocabulary term, I own the word.  I am desensitized to the negative connotation behind ‘cunt,’ since I know its’ history.  If I call another female a ‘cunt’ it is because I was overusing the word ‘bitch’ in describing that female. ‘Cunt’ is no worse or better than other female slander terms.  The sentiment behind any word lessens when one knows the truth in the meaning of the word.  I am using the word as modern, patriarchal society does so because in a sick sense, it’s humorous.  I like to shake people up a little.  If others are offended by the term, I must ask, why?  Is it because others flinched when they heard the term so now you also do as such?

I digress, but this reminds me of several of my Republican friends who are only Republican because their parents are.  Otherwise, they have no idea as to what Republicans stand for and why.

The word is a describing word, I can use it like my fellow patriarchal feeders do and believe that cunt’s origin represented ‘slander’ and ‘disgrace.’  Or, I can understand how patriarchy manipulated the meaning behind cunt, and took away empowerment from women as it has in so many other ways.  And, laugh in our patriarchal societies face by reclaiming the word cunt, even though I am calling another female a ‘cunt.’ But sisterhood is a story for another time.

3 thoughts on “Cunt: It’s Not the Word You’re Upset With, It’s that You Don’t Know Why You’re Upset About the Word

  1. There’s seems to be a contradiction here. You highlight the positive meanings of Kundi as the origin of the word cunt. But you are using it a derogatory manner. To me, this undermines your argument. If the word is ok to use because of it’s powerful connotation of female strength, why would you devalue it as just another synonym for bitch. This act actually seems to dis-empower the historical strength of the term and the feminine. And why are we looking for more words to tear other women down?


  2. Oh, it’s a complete condradiction. The word itself is a contradiction if compared to its origins and to the representation of the word today. But I am not looking for more words to tear women down because the word, with its negative sentiments, already exists in society’s vocabulary. What I was attempting to do, even with my contradications, is to ask why this word disempowers us? The same goes for ‘bitch.’ However, ‘cunt’ seems to be the mother of all offensive words used against women. Why is that? To me, they’re all the same. I also wanted to show the evolution of the word ‘cunt.’

    And, though you did not say this, it does not make me less of a Feminist if I were to use both words in describing other women. I am not tearing down women, if I were to go vote against women having access to abortion, or stand against the rights of women to have equal pay, that is “tearing down women.”
    To say using the word ‘cunt’ is tearing down women, is nit picking, and shying away from true realties that hinders women’s status.

    It is important to not the roots of certain words, the sentiments which follow I find are seperate. If I inserted the word ‘bitch,’ instead of ‘cunt,’ again it’d all be the same…to me.


  3. If you cringe at the thought of someone saying to your mother, sister grandmother Swiss wife, Mary Magdalene or goddess Juan yin then don’t say it to anyone. It’s the intent and a woman or a girl growing up to be a woman knows she just knows when the intent is nothing but mysogynistic patriarchal and abusive. She knows when it’s meant to stab her soul, her being her essence. Again if you won’t say it to mother Mary, kuan yin or Tamara then don’t say it to anyone. Anywhere anytime. No ifs buts and ands. Clear Hewage?


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