To Vajazzle or Not to Vajazzle…That is the question

The above link is a link to the Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Blog, and specifically to their Blog about “Vajazzling” a new trend where women wax their cha chas and cover them with rhinestones. Women on the blog have various reactions to this idea, but most surprising to me was their concern over what men would think of this new trend. Many of the bloggers wonder if men will appreciate the new…landscape…or if the idea will freak them out. The question I am left with, however, is does this freak YOU out?

If you want my opinion, and since you’re reading my blog I’m assuming you do, I think its creepy and more importantly I think it is sending a and fearful message to young women. The media has taken over women’s lives, telling them how to dress, how to eat, what to eat, how much to weigh, what make up to use, what undergarments to wear, how to act in order to be most appealing to men and to society as a whole, and now they are also telling us how to spice up our girly parts.

I think the underlying message here is, “your junk is ugly so you need to cover it in glitter to make it more appealing”. I think this is a totally ludicrous message. For years women have been undergoing PAINFUL waxing regiments to keep their wee wees looking pristine, because a girl that does not know how to shave pubic hair is obviously unruly and dirty (hopefully you’ve all caught the sarcasm…), but now the media is telling us “WOMEN waxing is no longer enough to hide the monstrosity that is your vagina, so please cover it in sparkles to make it more appealing”.

If you want to talk about objectifying women, here is a perfect example people. The last thing I saw “bejazzled” was Paris Hilton’s cell phone. Rhinestones are meant for clothing and other objects, not your vagina. Not only would I assume that there HAS to be some kind of health issue involved with this new vajazzling craze, but more importantly, why are women paying money to jazz up their juniors when no one except your partner (who probably couldn’t care less if your vag looks like a disco ball or a jungle when your pants are off) will ever see it? This whole sensation seems totally absurd and outside of my realm of comprehension. Please someone, explain to me why you need reflectors on your kaslapas (thanks Chelsea)…unless of course your streaking the quad…in which case why not just jam a flashlight up your ass…either will make you an easier target for the police to catch for public nudity  and indecent exposure (and yes they can put you on the sex offender registry for that)- unless of course they’re so dumbfounded by your sparkling hoo ha that they don’t have the wherewithal to arrest you…but don’t count on that.

In case anyone is wondering, I will not be going to my local salon to get vajazzled. I think that everyone needs to reexamine this trend and think about what the trend is really telling women about how to feel about themselves. And please – leave the rhinestones on teen queen’s cell phones where they belong.

3 thoughts on “To Vajazzle or Not to Vajazzle…That is the question

  1. Hey! My girlfriend actually read me that article. I, personally, thought it was silly that someone would “vajazzle” themselves, but I think it’s more silly to make a big deal out of it. I don’t think anyone takes “vajazzling” seriously. By the way, men can get it done too. It’s called “pejazzling.” I know right!? Totally not cool!

    Oh also, I think most boyfriend’s enjoy a trimmed vajayjay. I trim my penaynay and my girlfriend likes it, so I guess it goes both ways.

    One last thing. Try being more friendly with Cosmo, PLEASE, they’re trying their best. After all, that same issue that you were slamming on, after all, was encouraging girl’s that having pubes is ‘cool’. Kate Moss has ’em.


  2. Man,

    The issue is not about personal preference about trimmed to untrimmed vajayjays/penaynays its about the message that the “vajazzling” sends to young women. The idea that women need to alter themselves to be more attractive to men is at the core of the issue. The same argument can be made about plastic surgery. You’re right, Vajazzling itself is not that big of an issue, HOWEVER, the fact that women are not vajazzling for themselves, but for the approval of someone else is disturbing. Women should be making those kinds of decisions for themselves, and not for their partners. I am not dissing cosmo magazine, I myself just bought the latest issue, nor am i dissing vajazzling in and of itself, I’m dissing the idea behind it. The whole response was geared towards the comments on the blog about the article, not necessarily the article itself, though I do think there are problems with it.

    Thank you so much for your comment, though I really appreciate any and all responses.


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