Law School

For those of you who have read my bio, you already know that my goal is to become a lawyer. For the past two summers I have been interning in a Judges office in my hometown. Usually I shadow the judge and sit in on his cases, however, from time to time I shadowed other judges in the office. One day, when the Judge was out of the office, I shadowed one of his colleges. This Judge, who I will call Judge T for the purposes of this post, seemed nice enough, but when he asked me what my focus was with in the law, he put down my desire to help women. His exact words were, “Well I guess I won’t hold that against you”.

I am now taking my LSATs in 5 days, and am in the process of applying to Law school. I can’t help but wonder if some of the members of the admissions boards will share Judge T’s opinion, and if it will hinder my chances to get into law school. My previous post concerned the idea of Post-Feminism, and as with the last post I feel that the fact that I still have to worry that even my Women’s Studies minor will put off some of the admissions board members proves that Feminism is obviously not dead. Women can not be concerned about women, even under the law which is supposed to be blind to all race, gender, sexual preferences, etc.

One thought on “Law School

  1. Isn’t interesting that your race and gender are not questioned when are you are white man? They are “neutral” to all people! Everyone knows only minorities express favoritism.


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