The ULTIMATE Ladies Night Party! Slumber Parties by Rachel.

In 1993 a woman started what is now a national company in Baton Rouge called Slumber Parties meant for women to learn about their own sexuality, get educated about sex, and learn how to please themselves. Since then Slumber Parties has spread across the nation and into JMU female community. It has spread like wildfire! I have personally had one of these parties and been to several. The products are amazing and affordable and it is an awesome way to have a fun ladies get together with your friends and get educated. It is refreshing to be in a room and be able to ask questions you may have about yourself or just sex in general without having to be skeptical of the answer or ashamed to ask.

Rachel Maulding, a JMU alum and professional sex-pert, is the highest selling host and Slumber mom to five other women that work for Slumber Parties at JMU. Rachel described the parties as sex-ed 101. The party’s are WOMEN ONLY! They are specific to women’s pleasure and all about women learning about their bodies and sex with themselves and their partners. Women are educated on how to have orgasms vaginally and orally. They learn about the safe ways to have sex and enjoy sex while being respected by their significant others.

When I asked Rachel over the past two years of her work what has been the most surprising thing about JMU girls you have learned. She replied that JMU women seem to be most after, “100 ways to spice up a blow job or hand job”. This did not surprise me. It seems that in our patriarchal society, even though we have managed to come so far as to have our own sexual pleasure party’s, women are still buying things to please their men. Some popular products include heads up, which allows for no gag reflex and sensations to make a hand job more pleasing. Rachel has even sold so much of these products she had to make it a new package. HELLO LADIES!!!! Remember these parties are about us? What is wrong with this picture?

Also, if you are looking for a side job and are serious about working anyone can be a Slumber Parties host! Girls get to train online at their own pace and practice with an opening party with Rachel. The only requirements are to be a woman and be eighteen years old. All you have to do is buy a kit and train. With the high rate for these parties on campus it is a great way to make some extra cash!

And if you want to have a party of your own check out


also Rachel is free for reordering or Q&A…if you want to contact her for a party or just have a question contact her at


for men and women check out her form spring for any questions you may have at

~Freida Frye~

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