Moving Away from Women’s Misrepresentation

(I originally gave this post a super long boring title, so to save ya’ll from that, here’s a subhead: A Review of Miss Representation and the Panel Discussion the Followed). On Thursday evening, blogger BlondeRedhead hosted a screening of the film Miss Representation, followed by a panel discussion that included myself, Aliasmitch, Carrie Robinson from SisterSpeak, and Drs. Mary Thompson […]

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Oh, but haven’t you heard? Yesterday was Thursday and tomorrow is Saturday… and after that is Sunday! Thank you, 13-year-old Rebecca Black, for keeping us in the loop… I first saw this video Tuesday night at the prompting of my roommate. At first, I laughed off how mundane the lyrics are (“Kickin’ in the front […]

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Burn Them Books

     A little internet searching by a friend of mine revealed this little gem; PABBIS or People Against Bad Books In School.  The oganizations goal is to encourage parents to take action against schools teaching dangerous books such as Beloved or The Handmaid’s Tale. Attached to the list are links to reasons why the books have been targeted including […]

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