SlutWalk to End Victim Blaming!

*TRIGGER WARNING: TOPIC OF SEXUAL ASSAULT/SLUT SHAMING* How do you define a slut? But really though. What amount of sexual promiscuity, revealing clothing and flirtatious dancing equates the term slut? As I’ve grown as a person I’ve realized that this term cannot be operationalized. If you’re going to call one woman a slut, you may as well call […]

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Horror of Maryville Pt.2

Last week I stumbled upon the horrific story of fourteen year old Daisy Coleman, and her thirteen year old friend’s, rape at the hands of seventeen year old Matthew Barnett and his friend. Matthew Barnett, local high school football star, had his friend videotape the entire scene. Disturbingly enough, even though the two girls went […]

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Horror of Maryville Pt.1

Horror of Maryville Pt.1 While perusing the Internet between classes the other day, I noticed two startling articles on both Buzzfeed and Jezebel that centered on a horrific event in Maryville, Missouri last year. Bearing a strikingly creepy resemblance to the Steubenville case of last year, Maryville sheds additional light on the growing problem of […]

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