Just Being Friendly?

Earlier this week I posted a link to Hollaback’s now viral video of a woman’s experience with street harassment in New York City. Since becoming viral, the video has sparked debate and discussion about catcalling, street harassment, male privilege, and many other important topics. While reading segments of the discourse happening online, I came across […]

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One of may favorite YouTubers (and internet people in general) is Hayley G. Hoover. I’ve been watching her for 7-or-so years, and she’s great. She makes videos about her life, about random funny things, about Harry Potter, and about feminism. Her latest video is about street harassment, and why it’s the worst. Hayley shares her […]


JMU Hollerback

Hollaback is a national organization that enables you to report street harassment where and when it occurs. It’s a truly powerful movement to help woman take power back into their hands. Now, a group of JMU students in Matt Ezzell’s Interpersonal Violence (SOCI480) class have brought Hollaback to JMU’s campus – JMU Hollerback.

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Feminist Girl Meets World

Hello, loyal readers! After a semester off from a full immersion in feminist rhetoric, I’ve come to learn a few things.  While in the midst of a supportive, academic environment, it was easy for me to voice my feminist politics.  My first semester writing for ShoutOut! was marked by a period of intense personal growth, […]

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