The Scariest of Hunting Ground

In a world where talk of rape and sexual assault practically has a numbing effect on others, I was recently surprised by the rush of emotions I was able to feel when hearing about the topic in a new light. Last Monday, I attended a screening of the documentary The Hunting Ground at JMU’s Grafton-Stovall […]

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Let’s talk about bad sex.

*TRIGGER WARNING* There was an article I read by Robert Jensen called “Tired of Hot Sex?” Now, sex is such a complicated thing, and I’ve learned that there is so much you can say regarding it, sociologically speaking. However, Jensen pointed out a critical truth in his paper that really struck me. He writes, “Men […]

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Beauty and Sexuality Pt. 2

Happy Friday Y’all! Last week I introduced Naomi Wolfe’s novel, The Beauty Myth, and focused on her chapter “ Sexuality”. There were two main points in this chapter, which I found both enlightening, and a little frightening.  Her first point, which I discussed last week, focused on advertisement’s detrimental impact on women’s sexuality. Images of […]

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