He must have been 75-80 years old. REALLY old, no offense to the creep. Sitting in the back-right corner of the room, he tried to hide his inappropriate tendencies, but I saw everything because they were directed towards me. I saw where his drooping, squinty eyes were wandering and felt the carelessness of his whispering, […]


Sharing the Table with Sexism: Let’s End Discrimination in Food Service

Like most college students, I sometimes need some extra cash.  Let’s face it: higher education is financially burdensome, which explains why 85% of American university students work on top of school.  My position is more privileged than most.  Without working during the semester, I could get by thanks to my scholarship and my family’s college […]

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Buy a Man a Beer

With the social constructions and societal roles in our patriarchal world, in what ways can these barriers be contorted?  What is custom and reserved for males, can women too take on these conventions?  To elaborate, when a person opens the door for others.  Generally, this undertaking is reserved for males.  But what if I open […]

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As I was walking on campus this afternoon in search of something quick to eat for lunch, it came to me: CHICK-FIL-A! Yes! Chick-fil-A would be the perfect midday meal to eat at a speedy pace before my next class. But just as I began to imagine the taste of their scrumtiddilyocious chicken nuggets in […]

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