Vote: use your voice

The next general election in Harrisonburg, VA is coming up this November, 8th! As citizens of the United States, individuals are given the ability to vote for people that represent their ideals and needs in society. Although we are lucky to have this power, there is a damanging misconception individuals have about our democracy, that […]

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Newsroom ROundup September 21

In our Newsroom Roundup on September 21st, 2022, we discussed local, national, and global news stories from a feminist perspective. This discussion included reviewing intersectionality in feminist conversations, the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico, and the French Cycling Federation’s unequal use of funds. Local The student-run blog, Feminism is for Everyone, covers a wide variety […]

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“Swap for Good”

The October issue of Redbook Magazine captured my attention in the grocery store checkout line not only because the lovely Lauren Graham, actress of the television sensation “Gilmore Girls,” graces the cover, but also because it includes a poignant featurette entitled “10 Ways You Can Help Keep a Woman Safe” by Lindsey Palmer. The featurette […]

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