Red Alert: You’re OVARYacting

“Shh, did you hear that?” “Can you believe it?” “She bled through her pants!” “I would die.” “I would change my name and move away.” “How embarrassing.” Photo by Angelo Bosco on Flickr, CC In light of Jenny Hval’s recent album “Blood Bitch”, I think it’s time to talk about periods. Media and society have […]

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Empowering. The. Period.

Ladies, we know about the friend that arrives every 28 days.  This little friend that seems to defy the human body by bleeding for a week and we stay alive.  We hate this friend, but we have to welcome it, I mean it’s biology.  This friend is our period. Recently, there seems to have been […]

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Why aren’t tampons free?

When I was 11, I got my first period; I was in 6th grade and had no idea what to do. I remember sitting in a bathroom stall, frozen and embarrassed. After I mustered enough courage to leave the safety of the stall I had been sitting in for the better part of an hour, […]

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