Opening Up The Old Boys’ Club

I spent this past weekend playing very challenging, high-level rugby games in the Women’s D1 Round of Sixteen for Nationals. Truthfully, we got our butts kicked, having lost the fire, and numbers, from an undefeated fall season which earned us number one seed in the league. I spent the rest of Sunday, and today, reflecting on my […]

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How To Talk 101

Wait, you said what now?  Using inclusive language isn’t always the easiest thing. Society socializes it’s members with specified roles and pre-determined mindsets, beliefs, and attitudes that it can often just feel normal and comfortable to talk with vocabulary that doesn’t really do the most for the diversity gap. Language, verbal and nonverbal, is such a […]

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Feminism, At Home for the Holidays

As eszenyme shared yesterday, it is hard to believe this will be our last week of official blogging for the semester. I, for one, am super excited to put this fall behind me. After taking a year off school, the challenge of getting back into the habit of writing papers and reading multiple novels each week took a lot […]

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