Why Lady Gaga Won the Oscars

Sunday night, beloved celebrities took to the red carpet for the Academy Awards. Chris Rock hosted and provided laughs and jokes that criticized the Academy and the lack of people of color as nominees.  He also let his daughters sell Girl Scout cookies to the audience. It was a fun night filled with excitement and […]

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It’s MY Body…Sort of

I recently read an article about “sex-positivism” which is the idea that a woman should be in charge of her own sexuality.  That a woman should be free to have as much sex or as little sex as she feels aligns with her own personal truth.  It encompasses the idea that women should be comfortable […]

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Explaining Objectification

It seems like lately, a lot of us here at ShoutOut! are struggling to find ways to explain feminism to our friends. It can be really hard to get past that initial “oh, you’re just an angry feminazi” reaction that most people have when we even mention inequality, patriarchy, racism, or feminism. So I’m always […]

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