Where are you, in the fight for unity?

The other night I was sitting in the photo lab on campus, sorting negatives, when I started¬†Speaking Up,¬†one of NPR’s Ted Radio Hour podcast episodes. It began with the story of a queer, Bahrainian woman name Esra’a. She introduced herself to a crowd, describing her upbringing in Bahrain: “You were encouraged to be invisible, and […]

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The Working Woman

The scope of a woman’s role in most cultures, surrounds her femininity. She is seen as a symbol of motherhood, nature, fertility, and the like, while the man is often attributed with inherent machismo and titles like, “breadwinner”, even if these roles are not so. In recent years and months, issues surrounding women in the […]

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Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Sign

Around 4 p.m. last Saturday afternoon, I sat in Elephant and Castle on Pennsylvania Avenue as President Trump delivered a televised speech to the intelligence community in front of the C.I.A. memorial wall. Around me a rowdy crowd booed and jeered at this man, and outside a steady procession filled the streets in opposition of […]

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