A Right Not A Luxury

WOW. What a crummy person I am. I am finishing my second year here at JMU and not once did the thought of me being privileged as an able bodied student cross my mind. Well, until now.   In 2015, ODS reported that roughly 3% of the students at JMU are registered as having a […]

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Is Ableism Invisible?

Many of us quite literally walk through life without having to think about the world from a disabled person’s point of view. It is a privilege we don’t need to think about until we happen upon a person with a disability, or perhaps a handicapped parking space that we can’t park in. Most of the […]

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Bitchin’ Table: Abelism

I’m willing to bet that (almost?) all of you have seen this sign in some public place (insert handicapped pic).  This week’s Bitchin’ Table features parklena and eszenyme as they discuss issues concerning disability and sexuality.  

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