Braids are in now- you’ll see them on anyone; white people, black people, hispanic people, etc. Wearing braids, especially in America, has because a topic of controversy. Braids seemed to come into mainstream fashion as white women began wearing them for magazine shoots and movies, but what about their cultural significance? It seems that people […]


Appropriating Culture

I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve heard the term “cultural appropriation” just short of a million times and I’m still not exactly sure what it means. I have a good idea of it, but I’ve definitely found myself nodding my head in response when asked “You know what I mean?” when really, I […]

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Our Culture is Not a Costume

Halloween season is upon us and, as most college students know, it’s time to go wild for a weekend. Whether you are going out to party, going to a haunted house, or doing any of the other multitudes of activities there are on Halloween, you have to have an awesome costume. While most people will go as a […]

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