Feminism, my dear Watson

Since a young age, Emma Watson has enchanted me, and much of the public, with her wit, charm, and genuine nature. I know I am not alone in my admiration of the British actor, as the public has watched Emma grow from a curly-haired adolescent to an eloquent and striking woman. It seems that in a mutually […]

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The Problem with Belly Watching

Let’s set the record straight: I have just as much of a celeb-centered mind as the next person. The Kardashians are my guilty pleasure, and you know I am watching Beyoncé’s every move. For me, it’s about their fashion choices, but for others, it may be something else; to each their own. But there is […]

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A Beyoncé Appreciation Post

Hey what’s up hello to all of you lovely ShoutOut readers. I am absolutely ecstatic to be back working with a brand new batch of bloggers this semester! Feminism never sleeps, and I’m eager to dive back into the fem dialogue as a co-editor with @HeroineAddict and @BoobsRadley, as well as with the fellow bloggers […]

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Q&A With Beyoncé Professor Kevin Allred

In 2010, Rutgers University professor Kevin Allred created “Politicizing Beyoncé”, a course that pairs U.S. Black Feminist texts, both historical and contemporary, with Beyoncé’s music and career in order to discuss current U.S. race, class, gender, and sexual politics. I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Allred about his class, and here’s what he had […]

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My Top Ten Girl Power Anthems

Happy Snow Day Everyone! I don’t about you all but I am still jammin’ to Beyonce’s latest album which made me think about music with a message. Music is moving and I always love a good song that has more than a catchy beat. Music has inspired movements such as James Brown, who made black […]

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Beyonce, Queen Bey, Yonce, Feminist.

Not only did  Beyoncé Knowles-Carter create a media frenzy when she “out of the blue” dropped her latest album with no PR, advertisement or prior announcements (which no other artist had done before),  but also through the specific feminist thoughts her lyrics spoke and continue to speak. Although there has been much controversy over some […]

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Meet Amanda Palmer

Warning: This blog contains nudity that is quite sexy and empowering to women, nevertheless, some may find it offensive. A few weeks ago I promised that I was going to introduce my readers to some “good for the soul” feminist music, so here I am, with someone awesome for you all to meet – her […]

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