Beauty and Sexuality Pt. 2

Happy Friday Y’all! Last week I introduced Naomi Wolfe’s novel, The Beauty Myth, and focused on her chapter “ Sexuality”. There were two main points in this chapter, which I found both enlightening, and a little frightening.  Her first point, which I discussed last week, focused on advertisement’s detrimental impact on women’s sexuality. Images of […]

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Beauty and Sexuality Pt.1

Happy Sunday Readers! This past week I read Naomi Wolfe’s, profound novel, The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women, originally published in 1991.  The novel explores a theory coined by Wolfe as the “beauty myth”. This theory encompasses the idea that while women possess greater economic and societal power than their […]

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Weighting for Change, Part 2

Last week I talked about my frustration with the media industry focusing on body image more than real news. Along the same vein, I explore a little bit about the media’s role in promoting a beauty ideal. I was mindlessly scrolling through tumblr one day, when a flash caught my attention and demanded a second […]

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