Love Is Not Geometry

I hate love triangles. Aside from oversimplifying the incredible difficulty of sorting through one’s feelings, love triangles are overused, cliche excuses to “stir the pot.” Not to mention, a majority of love triangles promote the idea of competition in the pursuance of affection. They idealize and romanticize the belief that people should be made into […]

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ALL HAIL Game of Thrones!

All hail HBO’s Game of Thrones!!!!! If you didn’t tune in on Sunday night, you should probably re-evaluate your life choices. According to Entertainment Weekly, the fourth-season premiere of the fantasy delivered the show’s biggest audience yet: 6.6 million viewers. That makes Sunday’s Thrones HBO’s most-watched program since The Sopranos’ series finale in 2007. In the season premiere, we […]

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Women of Downton Kick Ass

I am hooked on Downton Abbey. It’s a British television series that follows noble family, and their servants, who struggle to navigate the changing norms of society during the early 1900’s. Not only is this series remarkably entertaining because of its plot twists and seemingly endless drama, it is also an unexpected feminist pleasure. Downton Abbey explores […]

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