Spring Cleaning My Mind

I just transferred to JMU this semester from Blue Ridge Community College. Last semester I was constantly anxious about getting into JMU, making good grades, and (ironically enough) not getting too anxious. I had to put in a lot of effort to raise my GPA to get into JMU. I didn’t do well my freshman […]

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Am I a Pocket-Sized Feminist?

What a week! For those of you readers who just ended your spring breaks I’d like to give you an official welcome back! I hope your breaks were filled with friends, food, and a whole lotta whatever it is you like most. “OMG, what did you do over break lucilleontheball?” Glad you asked! Aside from […]

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Spring Break Forever?

In the wake of spring break shenanigans across America, I want to stop and smell the roses—or, tequila, rather—and consider the weighty implications of spring break behavior. Cancun, Panama City Beach, Acapulco, Miami, Punta Cana…what do all these spring break hot spots have in common? Rampant female objectification. Sexism.

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