Why Men Need to Become Feminists.

I cannot count the number of times I have been sitting in public and overheard a conversation between men talking and picking apart women. They are comments about a woman’s body, her personality, her intelligence, and the worst, how she wouldn’t have sex with them. This happens far more often than you may think. I […]

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Where are all the women?

Over the weekend I attended the induction ceremony at JMU for Upsilon Pi Epsilon which is the International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines. My boyfriend was among the students who were inducted into the society, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have had a reason to be the ceremony. As I looked around the […]

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Food and Feminism

Food is the center of world, it’s what connects all of us. Sadly the restaurant industry doesn’t proportionately employee an equal number of men and women chefs. “Food and Feminism” looks at the line between cooking being a domestic duty for women and it being a career for men.

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