Sexual Assault & Harassment At Universities

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are terms known all too well to women, and specifically women attending college universities. Individuals most at risk for sexual harassment or assault on college campuses are females, transgenders, and non-gender conforming individuals. Around 36 percent of undergraduate and graduate female students experience nonconsensual sexual contact and 37 percent of […]

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Domestic Violence, A WOMAN’S Problem?

Domestic violence affects many women throughout the United States, as well as the rest of the world. The United States’ culture has different expectations of men and women regarding domestic violence. The societal expectation of domestic violence is that a male partner is the aggressor and abuser toward the female partner. Not all instances of […]

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The gender pay gap between men and women comes as no surprise to citizens of America. Being a woman in America and other countries, means you will automatically make less money than a man who has the same credentials and occupation. One might ask themselves why? Why is there a gender pay gap between men […]


Women VS U.S. Healthcare

During my free time, or when I need time to kill, I hop on the app TikTok like most people with social media. TikTok provides quick entertainment at your fingertips and even creates an algorithm in which videos one enjoys come on their page quite conveniently. While this app is designed for comedic entertainment, I […]

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