Justice for Sudanese Women

Throughout my journey through feminism, I have heard about many different countries and how feminist in that country are handling the situations that have been thrown at them. However, interestingly enough, I have never (to the best of my memory) heard about feminism in Sudan. My best friend is from Sudan so the fact that […]

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Arkansas’ new abortion law

The issue regarding abortions has been a huge controvery within recents years. Those who agree with the pro-life stance which opposes abortion and those who agree with the pro-choice stance which advocates for abortion rights and legalizing abortions have had an intense fued going on for years. Recently, more and more states have been banning […]

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Female on a budget

So, it goes without saying that this past year has been a year of crazy medical bills. This pandemic has not been friendly on many people’s wallets. Whether it be a sickness, having a baby, or riding in an ambulance, these are all very common and very hefty bills. Medical bills are one of the […]

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The #MeToo Movement in China

So, we all know and support the #MeToo movements that have happened throughout recent years. Women coming forward with stories of their sexual abuse and assault and finally getting the justice they deserve. However, some places have not been quiet as supportive. In China, where the Communist Party has very strict limitations when it comes […]

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