Hot Girls Have Scary Dogs

*TW: mentions SA and Sex Trafficking**

We as women live in a scary scary world. Sex trafficking, sexual assault, and just overall women’s safety issues are rampant in the US and disgustingly normalized. Which is why…I am a big fan of protection dogs or “scary” dogs in general.

After everything that has happened with the Epstein trials, more people are aware of the immediate and secretive dangers that women face on the daily. No one seems to really be doing anything, especially law enforcement. In Fairfax County Virginia, police officers were accused of protecting a sex trafficking ring in exchange for free services. Absolutely foul.

I always see posts on my instagram explore page that have slides on things women should do to protect themselves from any potential attacks. My parents have always cautioned me to never get gas at night, not walk home in the dark by myself, lock my doors as soon as I get in my car, etc. It sucks that the fear of getting kidnapped or assaulted is always in the back of my mind when doing something or going somewhere; while men do not have to worry about that at all for themselves.

Growing up, my family has always had the big, scary breed dogs. I have always hated the stigma around these breeds especially pitbulls, boxers, dobermans, etc, because their behavior is dependent on how they were treated and what trauma they have faced by previous owners.

However, I think that in cases like these, the stigma is beneficial.

I have a Pitbull Boxer mix named Odin and he is quite literally the light of my life. He is also my protection. Whenever I am walking at night, he is on high alert and always signals to me if someone is near me or growls when he is unsure of a person. I have always said that dogs can read people’s vibes better than humans. As someone who has experienced sexual assault, having a dog definitely makes me feel more secure. That sense of security gives me more freedom and relieves any anxiety because most people see me and my dog and leave us alone.

Now I know that not everyone can afford or are in a place to have a protection animal. But there are other ways women can protect themselves and feel a little more secure everyday that might be more tangible. Some tips that my dad as taught me or I’ve learned through social media are: 1) carry some sort of mace or pepper spray on your keys 2) when you get in your car, immediately lock the door but before putting on your seatbelt, check your backseat 3) don’t be afraid to ask someone to walk you over to a safe location if you feel any sense of insecurity (gut feelings are guardian angels) and 4) if you see anything on your car that was not there before, do not inspect it, get in your car and drive to the nearest police station.

It is a sad truth but unfortunately women have to deal with these worries on a daily basis. But it is important to be aware of ways to protect yourself, and if you have the means, I highly recommend a protection animal.

7 thoughts on “Hot Girls Have Scary Dogs

  1. I enjoyed reading this blog! This is a great idea for many women who are vulnerable to SA or Sex trafficking. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. As a lover of big dogs, I also hate the stigma against pit bulls, boxers, Dobermans, etc. but I totally agree with your standpoint on using their “scariness” as protection. I also love that you included alternatives for protecting yourself.


  3. It really puts stuff into perspective whenever horrible things you hear happen around you, the fact that Fairfax police were accused of protecting sex trafficking is terrifying. As a woman, it is so scary and disheartening that we always feel unsafe, especially at night. Pitbull boxer mixes are one of the cutest sweetest dogs.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this. It is so sad that women have to deal with these fears everyday, and the fact that we should have a protection animal is smart yet disheartening for how our society is today.

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  5. It truly is a shame that we have to even talk about this as women. Unfortunately, it’s just our reality. I’ve seen a lot of TikToks talking about women getting big dogs for protection and it sounds like a great idea to me. Animals can be amazing… especially dogs!


  6. I also love big dogs and think its such a great two in one! A cute best friend and a form of protection!


  7. My dog back home is a pitbull and black-lab mix. She is the sweetest dog ever and acts more like a cat than a dog. However, almost everyone in my neighborhood is afraid of her because she looks like a scary, black, built, pitbull. Something I didn’t think of before, but walking her at night and in new areas has been super helpful. It’s sad that we as women need animals to use as a fallback to protect us.


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