It’s Feminist Roots Time!

Today for our Feminist Roots feature, I have interviewed someone I believe I know fairly well, myself. So hold on tight and get ready for a pretty darn exciting interview. If someone asked me when I became a feminist, I don’t think I’d be able to give them a straight answer. I couldn’t pinpoint a precise moment […]

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Links Round-Up

This week: Visionsofourfuture recommends this powerful video put together by Project Unspoken at Emory University asks both men and women what they do in their daily lives to avoid sexual assault and harassment. Following the re-election of President Obama, this article argues that our country is not the “traditional America anymore” — and good riddance. […]

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Totally Awesome Women

This TAW is best known for her fashion policing during award show season.  However, she has also touched millions of women during her struggles with breast cancer and in vitro fertilization. Can you name this TAW?

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The “Female Version” of Movies

I recently saw this article discussing an untitled movie that is in the works which is best described as the female version of the Expendables. I personally hated the Expendables—the movie was complete garbage from the perspective of acting, story, dialogue, and even action. As much as I’d like to bash the movie, this post […]

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Last night, my faith in humanity was restored. After feeling like I couldn’t even call myself a feminist anymore, after questioning all of the beliefs I have held dear since childhood, and after feeling like humanity was nothing but a bunch of assholes, I was proven wrong. Last night, so many of my friends, professors, […]

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The Big Day

The time to vote is finally here. I have to admit, although I am nervous to see the outcome of an election so closely tied, I am also breathing a sigh of relief. If I had to listen to campaign news for much longer, I probably would have burst into tears like four-year-old Abigael Evans. The little […]

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