Breaking News: MEN CAN STOP RAPE!

While avoiding the hundreds of things I had to do this week, I decided to visit StumbleUpon (one of my favorite procrastination websites). Clicking through some of the fashion pages, juvenile comics, and uplifting quotes, I stumbled upon a page that caught my eye immediately. It wasn’t a typical feminist blog or website, but it […]

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Quick Hit: PETA Strikes Again

On Sunday, The Telegraph confirmed that PETA—the animal rights campaign infamous for the exploitation of women in its advertising—is gearing up to launch a pornography site. Yep, that’s right, that’s no typo—PORN. It appears that PETA’s newest strategy to attract a fresh crowd of supporters is enticing browsers of the triple-X domain in order to […]

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Grinding, Daggering, Stimulating

So, hopefully you watched that video.  I wanted readers to view the video first, think, and then proceed with an analysis. A relatively new form of Caribbean, Dancehall dancing has come to life.  A dance which includes highly sexualized, excessive pulsations, aggressive, and occasionally, violent forms of dancing.  Dance positions generally but not exclusively, include […]

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The War on Birth Control

With over 1,000 pieces of anti-choice legislation introduced this year, it’s become more and more difficult for GOP members to stand by their claim that their war is not one against women. However, recent remarks by Texas GOP Representative Wayne Christian have cast a sobering, albeit refreshingly honest, light on the true incentive behind the […]

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Poetry beats Patriarchy?

“Adrienne Rich would follow the banner cry of the “personal is political” to argue for a “crossover between personal and political” and applaud the efforts of her fellow women poets to “write directly and overtly as a woman, out of a woman’s body and experience, to take women’s experience seriously as theme and source for […]

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