Stop Joking About Mental Health

As someone who’s diagnosed with ADHD, it can be frustrating to hear phrases like “I feel so ADHD today” or “I’m going to need some Adderall to pass my finals this semester” from people who don’t actually deal with having ADHD. It’s something that has become normalized, especially in college culture, and I’m honestly not […]

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What’s Going on in the News?!

  There has been a lot of things going on in the news and @vagibond and I are here to give you the latest scoop! 1) “Radical Gay Doctor” is the driving force behind NYC’s falling HIV Rate NYC has been known to be the center of the AIDS crisis, and Dr. Demetre Daskalaskis is […]

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Let’s Have a Conversation About Intimacy

In a society where people meet their significant others on dating apps, “Hook-Up Culture”  is prevalent amongst college-aged individuals, and the phrase “Let’s keep things casual” defines many relationships. Although I am a firm believer in people expressing their sexualities freely, I do think we need to acknowledge that not all people experience intimacy in […]

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I’m done being “Too Nice”

I’m a kind person. I care a lot about the people in my life and often find myself bending over backward to help people out. Some might call me “nice”. What do you mean by “nice” you might say? Well here’s a textbook definition: Ok, you’re probably wondering what I mean by all of this. […]

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