Why so many Questions?

Our very own president is a packaged flaming hot cheeto with peanut butter hair and doll hands. I was tasked with facing that in November, and each day my feminist rage grows. So I wrote a poem that tries to channel my rage into what’s more of a question. Questions I think that As we […]

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Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Sign

Around 4 p.m. last Saturday afternoon, I sat in Elephant and Castle on Pennsylvania Avenue as President Trump delivered a televised speech to the intelligence community in front of the C.I.A. memorial wall. Around me a rowdy crowd booed and jeered at this man, and outside a steady procession filled the streets in opposition of […]

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Call of Duty: Women in Combat

In the weeks following the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s decision to lift a near 20 year ban prohibiting women from serving in combat, a wide gap has formed between those for and against this this equal opportunity measure. While many arguments have been brought up and counter argued from both positions, I’d like to highlight […]

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