Make Up and Feminism

I like wearing make up. It’s a fact. If you’ve met me, you know it. Only on the hottest and my laziest summer days do I forgo make up and even then I’ll usually throw on some mascara or concealer. Even if I’m not seeing anybody! What a waste, right? Not to mention how…un-feminist? Over […]

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The Myth of the Friendzone

Friendzone: the perennial location of nice guys everywhere (x) Within the past year I have been hearing more and more about this all powerful, all terrible “friendzone” that so many of my acquaintances claim to have been the victim of. While the act of being “friendzoned” is one that can technically affect both men and […]

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A Feminist and Her Facebook

Over the past year, my Facebook has become a dumping ground for the hoards of links to political and feminist articles that I find interesting. On my list of Facebook likes I’ve followed the NO H8 Campaign, Transgender Student Rights, SlutWalk, and Planned Parenthood Action. My newsfeed is often overflowing with feminist activism, full of enlightening and fascinating information […]

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