Feminist Roots: Know Your Own

I don’t remember when I became a feminist. Is that weird? I feel like it should be. I talk to other people about when they became aware of feminism or when they realized that they were one, and everybody seems to have this exact, precise moment in which their entire perception of the world was […]

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The Sexualization of Halloween

So, because I’m a horrible student and push off all of my work until the last minute, I was not free to enjoy any Halloween festivities last night. Instead, I spent the evening reading an 18th century British play, studying for an econ midterm, and reminiscing on better spent Halloween’s past. While doing such reminiscing, […]

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Feminism and a Wedding

My sister got married on Thursday. That sounds weird, but it’s the truth. My big sister has a husband now. She’s deciding on whether or not to change her last name. She’s inherited a niece and nephew from a family that I literally only just met three days ago.

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