#BreakTheInternet: Kim K Full Mooning Her Way to the Top

Hark! Kim Kardashian’s moon is quite *ahem* full tonight…   Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit feeds have probably been drowning with photos of Kim Kardashian’s sizable derriere and very naked body for the Paper magazine cover and spread in its campaign to “break the Internet.” Many reactions to the marketing ploy echo shouts of disdain and contempt, demanding […]

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Quick Hit: FCKH8

I don’t keep a swear jar in my household because I curse like a drunk sailor…I hope the families of these potty-mouthed princesses don’t either. Watch these not-so-little girls drop “F-bombs for Feminism” as they bring attention to the sad reality that society is more offended by swear words than the discrimination its daughters are face:  

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