Wednesday Link Round Up!

So this is the last Wednesday round up of the semester! I really hope that round ups have been beneficial in some way, and anyone has suggestions for improvement or anything, just leave a comment! Aliasmitch was tickled to know: “that the Genderbread Person is still around, and is now new and improved. If you […]

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Wednesday Links Round Up

Eszenyme thinks: “This link is great! It features a discussion of what is patriarchy by Ashley Judd. I think it’s great that she takes a more general definition of patriarchy instead of just labeling it men v. women.” Femistorian uncovered: (TW: Discussion of rape and sexual violence) “quite possibly the best article I have found regarding The Hunger Games. […]

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Mythbusting Monday: Being Anti-Porn Means You’re Anti-Sex

[Trigger warning: discussion of violence against women, racism, pornography] On the whole, being anti-porn is a pretty unpopular position to take. In feminist circles, the anti-porn movement has a pretty bad rap, in no small part due to anti-porn activist Andrea Dworkin’s collusion with the religious right. Her strange bed-fellows and desire to ban porn made […]

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Because it needs to be said again, feminism really is for everybody

So the title of this post is inspired by bell hooks’s Feminism is For Everybody: Passionate Politics. The thesis of hooks’s book is pretty simple really — it’s an excellent introduction to feminist politics that demonstrates feminism is for everybody. Feminism benefits all people, despite what anti-feminists would have people believe. I discovered a new feminist campaign […]

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Wednesday Link Round-Up

Happy Wednesday, everyone! First of all, in excellent news for all of us, internationalcupcakebandit linked to the news that Rick Santorum has bowed out of the presidential campaign. Those of us who shuddered in fear and disgust at the phrase “President Santorum” can all breathe a little bit easier now. But just because (one of) the worst contenders […]

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Moving Away from Women’s Misrepresentation

(I originally gave this post a super long boring title, so to save ya’ll from that, here’s a subhead: A Review of Miss Representation and the Panel Discussion the Followed). On Thursday evening, blogger BlondeRedhead hosted a screening of the film Miss Representation, followed by a panel discussion that included myself, Aliasmitch, Carrie Robinson from SisterSpeak, and Drs. Mary Thompson […]

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Wednesday Links Round-Up

Aliasmitch found himself awestruck after “attending SEWSA this weekend, particularly because the closing keynote speaker was Merri Lisa Johnson, an amazing and brave feminist who, as the outgoing president of SEWSA, was able to perform her own pieces about living with Borderline Personality Disorder. Most memorable to me was her assertation that “we begin to see disability […]

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