So you can flirt, but I can’t?

So while enjoying my daily dosage of Friends before bed, I had come across this scene of Monica and Chandler. The scene is in regards to the couple arguing about Monica flirting with other men. Hearing Chandler’s character and response to this argument made my mind begin to wander. And so I ended up in a […]

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Coming Through The Wood Works

Wow – I am just so overwhelmed with all of the knowledge, feelings, and emotions I have consumed after reading A Little F’D Up: Why Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word by Julie Zeilenger. This book has opened up many doors for myself and I feel that being new to Feminism, I have learned so much, yet […]

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“can we ever be TOO skinny?”

Recently, I have found myself interested in media’s effects on young women. The issue of beauty, sex appeal, and confidence is often questioned by girls throughout their entire lives, especially their teenage years. This video clip is a perfect example of this influence of the media here in the U.S.

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