Feminism, At Home for the Holidays

As eszenyme shared yesterday, it is hard to believe this will be our last week of official blogging for the semester. I, for one, am super excited to put this fall behind me. After taking a year off school, the challenge of getting back into the habit of writing papers and reading multiple novels each week took a lot […]

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Why I Dream of Africa

Authors Note: This blog contains images of non-sexualized nudity, nonetheless, they may not be appropriate for some. I have smart friends. Well, mostly. I also have a friend who once texted an entire party that she was “lost on the corner of Paul and Ott Street,” only three blocks away from my house where she had […]

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Film Screening: The Invisible War

Can you imagine working in an environment where rape was categorized as an “occupational hazard?” Being trapped in a remote location where your phone calls were screened and the only person you could report your assault to was the perpetrator himself? What if there were no police to capture your assailant and no judge to convict him? Would you […]

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The Big Day

The time to vote is finally here. I have to admit, although I am nervous to see the outcome of an election so closely tied, I am also breathing a sigh of relief. If I had to listen to campaign news for much longer, I probably would have burst into tears like four-year-old Abigael Evans. The little […]

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A Shady Situation

Ever since my fellow blogger jgrand posted ‘Idealism and Practicality’ I have been struggling with my love for rap music. As he wrote, “What does a feminist do when faced with these issues? Is it better to reject all media with elements of sexism then to write off the flaws as ‘just part of life?’” After […]

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