How I Became a Feminist

It’s my birthday so I’m going to talk about myself.  HA.  But seriously though, there’s nothing I’d like to do more than tell you all how I became the confident, proud, bold, FEMINIST, twenty year old that I am today.  It took a while, but I finally made it! You’d never believe it, but before […]

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Anxiety and College

Your chest is feeling tight, heart pumping fast, and mind racing with thoughts you just don’t want to think about.  You’re having an anxiety attack.  Anxiety attacks can happen at any moment from a wide variety of different triggers, and with Anxiety disorders being the most common mental illness in the US and one of […]

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Analyzing the Bechdel Test

You may have seen articles about it scrolling through your preferred social media platforms, or you may have heard about it walking out of the latest blockbuster: the Bechdel Test.  The “feminist movie test” originally came about from a comic strip by Alison Bechdel, with no intention of it becoming a “test” whatsoever.  There are […]

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