The Finale

As my college career comes to an end, so do my blog posts for ShoutOut!JMU. I would like to thank the academy, my mom, my manager, my kindergarten teacher…. But in all seriousness I am thankful for this opportunity. So for my very last post, I would like to go over some things I have […]

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The Dialogue

At James Madison University, a gender dialogue course is offered in which 6 females and 6 males are asked to participate to promote dialogue between the two sexes. I was able to attend the final presentations for this class, and I thought the premise of the class, the topics of the presentation, and the banter […]

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I know you are, but what am I?

  When did the word feminist come with so many negative connotations? When I asked my roommates what they thought of when they heard the word feminist they stated almost immediately  ‘bitch’ and ‘opinionated’, one of them even went on to say, ‘as strange as this is, I even think white’. I had always been […]

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Mr. Clean is looking lean

I’ve noticed that Mr.Clean has lost weight. This dawned on me as I sat and watched TV this weekend. Mr. Clean had slimmed down, and as I watched, concerned that I had noticed his decreasing waist line, I couldn’t also help but notice his co-star.  The commercial centered around Mr.Clean and his abilities to make this woman’s […]

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The Actual Ugly Truth

My friends and I were gathered around dinner the other night talking about our ideal man. Some characteristics that were thrown out were generous, domesticated, tall, and intelligent. We talked about how we want our men to be nerdy, but athletic, but a good father and also a good cook. It made me think, when […]

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Painting your face

Most women have a morning routine; it may include making coffee, checking your mail, brushing your teeth, and usually doing your makeup. We have preferences based on skin tone, styles, and age. But when did makeup become a part of our daily routine? And where did the popularity of makeup stem?

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Who run the world? Not girls.

Yahoo! recently called for a drastic commitment from their employees. Their workers who work from home were asked to leave their home for work and come into a Yahoo! office to work instead. This decision was made under CEO Marissa Mayer. Mayer is under fire again because she has decided to build a nursery next […]

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Wonder Women

I like to believe I’m fabulous- but I also like to think that I’m 5’9 and built like an Amazon (which is far, FAR from true).  When I’m feeling less than fabulous there are certain women I look to and pull inspiration from.   1. JK Rowling The author of Harry Potter has been regarded […]

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Valentine the Lover

Happy Valentine’s Day! So I know that a fellow blogger already blogged about this day of love and sorrow (depending on your view of this day), but I thought it appropriate to touch on the subject again, just in case you couldn’t get enough of this day of flowers and tissues. Historically, Valentines Day was […]

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