Feb.14th is for Self Love

Every year February fourteenth marks Valentines day. The origins of Valentines day come from a Christian feast day to celebrate a Christian Martyr, Saint Valentine’s; this holiday signifies the religious and cultural celebration of romance. Of course, not everyone is enthusiastic about Valentine’s day; for some, this holiday is not a celebration but a reminder of loved ones that have been lost or another year without a significant other to spend it with.

Additionally, social media doesn’t help to make this day go by easier when your feed is completely bombarded with colleges and posts of happy couples. Especially during this pandemic, it’s hard not to crave companionship; it’s so easy to compare yourself to others and ask, “why not me” or “when will it be my turn?” This blog post is not meant to be bitter; everyone deserves happiness, but rather this post is to remind anyone who dislikes this specific holiday that love comes in all different forms.

This is a call to embrace your singleness, to be patient, and to redirect your focus onto yourself and others around you who show you genuine love. You can participate in this holiday regardless of whether you are single or not because you don’t need a partner to be worth it, and important, love is all around you.

Valentine’s day isn’t exclusive to couples; it can be a day to celebrate all healthy relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself. As the saying goes, you must love yourself first before you can love others! Take this day to celebrate you and all the things that bring you joy. Rather than dreading Valentines day, let us change how we see this holiday and make it empowering! Don’t be so hard on yourself; celebrate your accomplishments, your growth, and your journey to where you are right now. Show yourself and others around you some extra love today.

4 thoughts on “Feb.14th is for Self Love

  1. Self-love is soooo important! Even though I celebrated V-day with my signficant other, I thoroughly enjoyed V-day last year because that’s when i started my self-love journey. V-day is a day for all kinds of love whether it’s platonic, romantic, or personal. I’m glad that you shed some light on this topic!

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  2. YES! Self-love baby! Buy your own chocolates! Also, Galentines day is a thing now! My besties and I bought ourselves flowers, got out some wine, put on some fancy dresses and just danced around the room! So fun! On actual Valentines Day, I took a bath and watched “The Love Witch” (still deciding on my feminist reactions to that movie). I think that reminding people of self-care and self-love, especially on days like Valentines Day, is so important!!

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  3. Thank you everyone for the most positive and supportive feed back! Its a beautiful thing to see women uplifting other women 🙂


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