Harsher Punishments For Rapists 

TW: Sexual assault, violence and mentions of self harm

On September 10th, 2019, a viral video of a rapist surfaced on the internet

The video showed a man being castrated by pit bulls, begging for help and in deep sweat

It was extremely disturbing and hard to watch to say the very least

But I’d be lying if I said I felt any sympathy for this monstrous beast

You can watch the video – I posted it here in the link 

close up photo of brown pitbull
Photo by Nancho on Pexels.com


He raped a woman and that’s already enough (too many)

Not that it makes a difference; we shouldn’t have rapes and I mean any

All this being said, I’m still in a great amount of disbelief

That I live in a world that allows this behavior; please let me speak


I believe there is a lack of understanding of how this behavior psychologically affects someone

Depression, drug addiction, and maybe just grabbing a hold of a gun

Self-harm, flashbacks and even posttraumatic-stress

So when you ask me if I think the punishment matched the crime, the answer is, hell yes!

adult black and white darkness face
Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas on Pexels.com


I believe we need harsher punishments for monsters when they abuse

Maybe this list of punishments could be implemented and even used:

How about we start by completely depriving them of sex

Which means they lose their genitals painfully, okay what’s next?


Then we could go on some Girl With The Dragon Tattoo type shit

And tattoo ‘RAPIST PIG’ on their torso until they tell the truth they omit

Next we could go on some Black Mirror type things

And chemically induce the pain, suffering, and trauma until it fucking stings

Following all of this, we could ask the victim if justice has been served

And if the answer is no, let them choose their own punishment. Maybe the rapist could burn?

fire orange emergency burning
Photo by Little Visuals on Pexels.com

I know some will comment, and say, “well what if they simply tells lies?”

Obviously, I’m speaking about the 98% who tell the truth, so miss me with that bullshit goodbye

We need zero-tolerance for this behavior, and I think this is key

I don’t believe locking rapists up in jail teaches them a damn thing they need


When you hurt other people and fuck with their lives

You deserve a harsher punishment much worse than simple jail time

I know this sounds rough, perhaps cold and pretty mean

But I want victims to feel whole, and know that their hands are clean

hallway with window


For anyone who needs to hear this, I’ll say this on my blog

It wasn’t your fault and nothing you did was wrong 

I hope one day we can learn to love and respect one another

And maybe one day become one as sisters and brothers





  1. Very well-written poem! You captured the pain of the video, your feelings about rapists and victims, and punishments, and, through extension, society. Your punishments show passion, creativity, and a strong sense of justice and your prose shows an eloquent artistic talent. I know some will say this is a bit harsh but I’d want the same if it were my family.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I appreciate you so much for writing this, thank you. The format you chose was really emotional and powerful with great emotive photos, I couldn’t have done it better myself. Harsher punishment is never well received but it needed to be said.


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