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This week’s weekly update! Brought to you by Social Justice Solidarity and Poised in Pink:

Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael’s death toll is creeping up. Michael has been recorded as the #3 worst landfall pressure hit in recorded hurricane history. Discussion focused around the ways that the US is contributing to the increasing intensity of weather, temperature rise, and the overall earth climate demise.

News Recap on SNL

This weekend update from SNL featured a couple stories that have been catching news sources this weekend:

  1. IPCC Climate Change Report
  2. Ye and Trump’s meeting
  3. Taylor Swift’s possible voter registration influence

All of which were flooding the media, while Trump nominated 16 republican judges for life. But why the stress, we’re making America Great Again Right?

16 year old Girl Scout Fights Against Human Trafficking:

Girl Scout, Sakshi Satpathy has made 3 documentary films in order to educate people on human trafficking, child marriage, and gender equality. Her films have been screened in 15 countries and her hope is to use this documentary styled videos as “training modules” to help rehabilitate girls who have been trafficked.


#30 NCOD

This year’s National Coming Out Day was the 30th annual day for LGBTQ+ folks to come out. You can read more about this in the title-linked post above (#30 NCOD). This year, Chelsea Handler tweeted Lindsey Graham, suggesting he was gay, and throwing shade at the republican party as a whole. 

And…well…twitter responded



Regardless, discussion focused around how the LGBTQ+ community often faces ridicule, and how allies don’t seem to understand the implications around their mockery. While coming out may be a privilege in some ways, it’s never a platform to ridicule someone with in the name of nasty politics.

Looking at you, @Chelsea Handler.

“Drag Syndrome”

People with Down Syndrome often have trouble expressing their sexuality. Most people assume that don’t enjoy like having sex, etc. An organization by the name of Culture Device has helped break apart that stigma. Daniel Vais, the creative director and choreographer for the organization helps dress and photograph individuals, encouraging each individual to express their sexuality freely.



That’s all we have! Tune in next tuesday for your weekly news update, here on ShoutOut!

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Pc: Wikimedia Commons

Featured Image: Max Pixel

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