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Giffy Goodbye Friends!

For my final shout out post, I thought I could say goodbye to fellow fem bloggers by sharing what I learned from this experience and highlighting the good times we all had together this semester – with some gifs!

So in starting with ShoutOut! this is how I originally felt about writing for a feminist blog when I really didn’t know anything about it:



Because I felt a little like a skeptical Hermione when it came to feminism:  gifskeptical


But now? Feminism and I are like “this”:



And I’m all like:



I started to get the hang of it and feel pretty confident about my blog posts:



And there were some really awesome moments this semester like when I wrote about the Photoshop in advertising legislation and the man who wrote the petition in support of it commented, and I was all:



And speaking of comments, I was always very impressed when all of the bloggers handled controversy and differences of opinions with such grace and poise:



When I know we all felt like this to the haters:



And oh my goodness, now I can’t help but see and hear anti-feminist issues everywhere I go:



And I feel as though I have this reaction a lot lately:



But I remember how naïve and non-knowledgable I was about key feminist issues before, and so I’m super thankful for ShoutOut! cause it makes me feel like this:



But now I have to leave:



Cause I’m graduating:



And i have to come to terms with that cause everytime I go out on the weekends I’m starting to feel like this:



But I’m sad to go because I have learned so much from being a part of this blog and wouldn’t change a single part of the experience:



And this is how I felt about writing with ShoutOut this semester and being a part of this feminist family:



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