DuRag Ministries: Divine Unity Righteously Applying God

Well, for starters I don’t think I have been that nervous in a very long time, or perhaps ever. Going to a Christian service is something very different and foreign to me. My mother was Jewish and learning anything about Jesus and praising him was something I knew nothing about. However, the second I entered the building I could hear music playing and people singing and dancing. People were two stepping to hip-hop gospel and I couldn’t help but move my feet to the beat. I noticed while waiting outside that all the members of the group were chatting and discussing friends and games and events. It was very obvious that this group was extremely close with each other, almost like family.

DaNae Colson, a member of the group who invited me join in, met me outside the doors and saved me a seat next to her. I suddenly felt a small weight removed from my shoulders with a friendly face by my side. People came up and introduced themselves, and I started to feel very welcome there. The room quickly became filled. The next thing I knew people were dancing and singing and sharing their love for Jesus. Angel Brockenbrough started off the night with a song called “I am Free”. Her voice was so inspiring it got everyone on their feet. It was nice to see the women getting the crowd inspired for the sermon. The woman’s voice was the start of the night which was very refreshing. Everyone in the room was standing up and showing Jesus how good he made them feel. It was like being at a Jesus concert! There was a full band playing, and they got the crowd enthusiastic. The night started off with several songs being sung. During one, some of the crowd even decided to run around the room during the song. I couldn’t stop smiling during the entire worship. There was even a video done by some of the members that humorously showed their beliefs through skits. The sermon was fun and interesting. It got to some real points about their faith while making it enjoyable. No one would be sleeping in this church!

I do not practice this faith, however, I found myself a little sad in the midst of all the excitement. Everyone in the room seemed to have something to live for, to love, to be close to. None of these people felt alone because they believe that someone is always by their side. There was such a passion and community that filled the room. That is something I am missing in my life. I think that regardless of one’s faith, anybody would feel comfortable attending DuRag Ministires events. I can only say I was out of my element. I don’t know anything about Jesus or what one’s supposed to say to him as these people were crying out to him, but I know it was definitely love.

The topic of the evening was “united, undivided, and unashamed about our relationship with Jesus”. That was one of the biggest things I noticed about DuRag’s members. No one was ashamed to say out loud how much he or she loved Jesus.

They also share a belief that was extraordinary for women in today’s society. Their ideas of sex and marriage were more traditional. Men seemed to have a lot more respect for women and ideas of love and fidelity in a relationship. They made it evident that they believe sex should not be something that seems so casual. A man gave the sermon and during it explained that one night stands were something that God did not accept. It was comforting and refreshing in today’s society to be surrounded by people that thought so highly of monogamy. So often today people have sex so casually which leads to more objectification of women. These things that we do so nonchalantly in today’s world continue our cycle of oppression, but in this group it almost made me feel safer to be surrounded by people that were so adverse to these ideals.

This group is a primarily black Christian group, however they are open to everyone! They do fundraisers and hold events together. One of the girls in the group was working on a clothes bank, which was announced at the service that was donating clothes to the needy. They meet every Thursday night in Memorial Hall auditorium. I asked DaNae at the end what she wanted people to know about the group, “Just that WE LOVE JESUS!” So, if you’re looking for a good way to get in touch with your faith, or even experience something new check out DURAG MINISTIRES!

For more information visit http://www.duragministries.org

~Freida Frye~

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